Sarah Horne Candles

Sarah Horne Candles have been developed to give not only an amazing fragrance but also a wonderful massage treatment, you carefully dip your fingers into the hot wax and rub into the skin, the natural wax acts as a moisturiser that can be left on or washed off, ideal for foot hand or even whole body massage.                                                                                                                                                   This glorious range consists  of beautiful boxed 20cl glass votives with a 40 to 50 hour burn time at £19.75, small votives with a 20 to 25 hour burn time at £8.75, packs of 3 glass tea lights with a 6 to 8 hour burn time at £9.95 and gorgeous screw top travel candles with a 20 to 25 hour burn time at £8.75, they come in 9 wonderful subtle fragrances:-All Sarah Horne Candles are organic and hand poured in England. To see the beauty of the  candles lit click here